About Financial Imbalance!

Financial Imbalance is about a 27 year old web developer residing on the east coast of scenic Prince Edward Island, Canada. The reason for this site; is to have a place to express my thoughts on everything financial and a resource for documenting my journey towards greener ($$) pastures.

A little about myself, I have spent some time in University and College trying to find myself or my calling as soon people call it. Well it took quite a few years and a hell of a lot of wasted fortune to come to the conclusion that my passion lies in web development/software design.

To sum up my financial burden over the past year: I secured an excellent job in the federal government as a Coldfusion Programmer; I bought my first house after 8 years of renting; I got engaged and then married to my beautiful wife; and now I am expecting a child sometime next this year. So you can imagine the financial strain this past year has been.

So this takes me to where I am today and my goals for this site. To express my desire to increase my net worth, which at the moment is negative, but as my house and bills get paid down then it will rapidly increase; likely in about 2 years time.

— Thomas Craig

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